-Online Peer Allergy Support-

Do you have allergies? Are you aged 18-26?

Meet other young Australians aged 18-26 with allergies (food allergies, enviornmental allergies, skin allergies, pet allergies, etc) to share your experiences, learn new ways to manage your allergies and feel more confident navigating allergic risk situations.

Join online peer allergy support for Young Australians aged 18-26 to discuss topics from dating with allergies, going to uni with allergies, working with allergies, travelling with allergies, shopping for yourself with allergies, moving out with allergies and more!

What you can expect

The support groups are held on Zoom and run for 45 minutes. They are held monthly, and a different theme is covered in each session.

The group size is limited to a small group (max 8) to allow for ease of conversation and for everyone to be heard.

At the end of the support group, you can vote on the topics to discuss at the next session, including adding any questions you would like to bring to the group.

The feel during the support session

These support group sessions have a relaxed feel, like mates catching up at a café to chat about everyday topics with an allergy theme.

The session is run by support group leaders (facilitators) who are also young Australians with allergies. The support group leaders are trained to facilitate conversations about allergies by sharing their own allergy stories and enabling discussion.

How the support group benefits those with allergies

The support group provides you with allergy support, information, tools and a chance to meet people (and make friends) across Australia living with allergies.

Conducted in a safe online space and moderated by an organisation dedicated to safer and happier allergy living, you can be comfortable in sharing, discussing and learning about allergies.