ANAPEN®: Adrenaline (epinephrine) Auto-Injector

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The Anapen® is an Adrenaline (epinephrine) Auto-Injector that was PBS Listed in September 2021. The Anapen® is one of two brands currently indicated for Australians to use for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis (acute severe allergic reactions).  Arrowtex (External Link) in Australia distribute the Anapen®.

Scroll below to learn more about the different doses, the pen, the administration mechanism, and to read the Anapen® FAQs.


The Anapen® doses come in 3 options¹. The doses are based on strength and based on weight. Your healthcare professional will decide which dose is right for you.

  • Anapen® Junior 150
  • Anapen® 300
  • Anapen®500


The Anapen® Design is intuitively designed for ease of administration.




HOW TO USE: Simple, four step process- 

1. Pull off black needle shield 

2. Pull off grey safety cap from RED button

3. Place needle firmly against outer mid-thigh at 90° angle, with or without clothing

4. Press RED button so it clicks. Hold for 3 seconds. Remove Anapen®

 HOW TO USE: Detailed Steps-

1. Remove the black needle shield by pulling hard in the direction of the arrow. This also removes the rigid protective needle shield.
2. Remove the grey safety cap from the red firing button by pulling as indicated by the arrow.
3. Hold the open end (needle end) of the Anapen® against the outer part of the thigh. If necessary, Anapen® can be used through light clothing, such as denim, cotton or polyester. NB: Anapen® auto-injector is intended only for intramuscular use. Only administer into the outside of the thigh muscle, nowhere else.
4. Press the red firing button so that it clicks. Keep holding the Anapen® auto-injector against the outer thigh for 10 seconds, then slowly remove it from the thigh.
5. The injection indicator will have turned red. This shows that the injection is complete. If the injection indicator is not red, injection must be repeated with a new Anapen®.
6. After the injection, the needle sticks out. To cover it, click the wide end of the black needle shield back on the open end (needle end) as indicated by the arrow.
7. Immediately after use, call 000 and ask for an ambulance and say “anaphylaxis”. Advise the paramedic that an Anapen® has been administered into the thigh muscle and show them the product box for more information.

Click here (External Link) to read detailed Anapen® instructions


 Anapen contains adrenaline (epinephrine) as its only active ingredient. Anapen is not a substitute for subsequent emergency medical or hospital care. Call 000 immediately after administering Anapen. An additional dose of Anapen may be needed while waiting for emergency medical services. Anapen can be obtained from a pharmacy with a prescription, or without a prescription where a pharmacist is satisfied that the customer has been assessed by an appropriate health practitioner as needing to carry adrenaline and the health practitioner has provided that customer with a formal action plan for anaphylaxis.


Anapen® Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should Anapen® be used?
A: Anapen® is an adrenaline (epinephrine) Auto-Injector treatment option for anaphylaxis, an acute severe allergic reaction to insect stings, drugs and other allergens.

Q: What are the three doses that Anapen® comes in?
A: Anapen® is available in 150, 300 and 500 mcg doses¹.

Q: Can a patient have an action plan for Epipen®, but have Anapen®?
A: No, it is best that patients using Anapen® have an Anapen® Action Plan and vice versa.

Q: Is adrenaline weight dependent?
A: Yes, that is why different doses are recommended. Your healthcare professional will decide which dose is right for you.

Q: Is Anapen® a generic of Epipen®?
A: No. Although both Anapen® and Epipen® are adrenaline auto- injectors, the devices are different. It is important that patients and their carers know how to use the device they have been prescribed.

Q: How should Anapen® be stored?
A: Protect from light and store below 25°C

Q: Can the Anapen® device be used more than once?
A: No, Anapen® is single use only.

Q: Are Anapen® trainers available?
A: For Anapen trainers, patients can talk to their doctor, who should be able to provide them with a trainer and take them through the steps to use. In addition to the one-on-one training, patients can interact and train using the Anapen® online 3D tool- (External Link)

Q: Does Anapen® have a reminder service?
A: There is a reminder service for both product expiry and training- (External Link)

Q: Where can I find further information on the Anapen®
To view the Anapen® CMI (consumer medical information) click here (External Link)
To visit the Anapen® website and learn more click here (External Link)

 ¹Anapen® Product Information March 2021

This information was provided to Allergy Life Australia by Allergy Concepts (Arrotex). This Page was last updated on 22nd August 2023

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