10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Someone with Food Allergies

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Someone with Food Allergies

By Sharlee Murray and Staff Writers, December 2021


10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Someone with Food Allergies

1. A Locally Hand-Crafted Gift- 
It's always wonderful to see what local 'makers' have on offer to support small businesses. Especially during the Christmas period, there are so many Christmas markets popping up around the place. You can find them online, hear about them from a friend, and you can also come across them while scrolling on social media.

A Christmas Gift Idea for your friend or family member with food allergies is to visit these local 'makers' and ask the maker (who has hand-crafted the item themselves) if the allergen is present or what they used to make the item. There will have plenty of gifts to choose from, such as locally made candles, vases, crafted pottery, terrariums, jewellery, art, and more.

Bonus Idea: Take your friend or family member with food allergies for a day out to visit these local 'makers', and let them pick a gift themselves.)

2. A Delicious Book Gift- 
Shopping at a retail book store (in-store or online) to find books for your friend or family member with food allergies couldn't be easier!

There are various books with delicious recipes for all types of allergy friendly eating, dedicated to different allergens, cuisines and age groups. These would make a perfect gift for them as there is something for everyone!

And if you're unsure before you shop, ask around online on forums and Facebook groups for what has been released for your friend or family members' food allergies.

Hint: Some of these books also come in audiobook versions, if they like listening to books. 

3. A Gift with Variety- 
A creative, clever and thoughtful Christmas Gift Idea for your friend or family member with food allergies is a 'Make Your Own Hamper' (a.k.a MYOH) gift.

A MYOH gift can include any 'stocking filler ideas' such as candles, cute 'house' socks, hand creams, a 2022 diary, PJ's, a decorated face mask, scratchies and more! You can also top it up with chocolate or lollies that are allergy friendly and safe for them if you know what they can eat. 

    4. A Support Local Cafés Gift-
    It's been an economically challenging time for local businesses with recent events, so it's a great opportunity to look for a Christmas Gift idea that involves giving back to the local community and supporting local cafés!

    If you know what's around locally for your friend or family member with food allergies, a Christmas Gift idea is to pre-purchase a coffee card (if they're caffeine-addicted) or get them a café voucher where they can visit and dine. This way, they can make the café allergy aware themselves and support local businesses at the same time.

    Hint: Just to be sure, check with the local café if they can cater to your friend or family members' food allergies before you purchase the card or voucher. Click here to find some allergy friendly venues

    5. A Relaxing Gift- 
    It may be pricier (or maybe within budget for their extra special person), but a pre-booked Massage or Spa experience is a great go-to for a Christmas Gift for your friend or family member with food allergies.

    These experiences could work great if they are a parent who may need a quick bit of self-love and a break from looking after their kids, it could also be perfect for someone you are close to and would like to spoil them this Christmas.

    Hint: Some Massage and Spa venues can use products as part of their treatments that contain food allergens that your friend or family member may be allergic to. When making a booking, check with the venue that their treatments do not include these allergens. Your friend or family member will appreciate this extra step.

    6. A Green and Sustainable Gift- 
    Does your friend or family member with food allergies have a green thumb? Do they care about the environment and its causes? Do they like to support local charities and causes?

    Christmas Gift Ideas for a "Green" friend or family member with food allergies could be:

    • A potted plant without their allergen present. This is for them to look after and nurture.
    • Something Eco-Friendly made out of a re-used or recycled material, such as a planner, a bag, or a phone case.
    • A hidden treasure from an Op Shop. There are many quality second-hand items you can find, and purchases also support local charities/causes.
    • Fair Trade gifts such as coffee beans, items of clothing, tapestry, etc.

    Hint: Still check if their allergens are present, especially in eco-friendly and sustainable items, as some of these can be made from food products.

    7. A Sporty Gift- 
    If you know which sporting club your friend or family member with food allergies supports, a great Christmas Gift would be to get them branded items from their favourite club. This includes their favourite sporting clubs in footy, soccer, basketball, netball, cricket, etc.

    These would all be great non-food gifts options and include gifts such as club branded wallets, backpacks, watches, wall clocks, scarves, keyrings, items of clothing, and more.

    8. A Sharable Game or Toy Gift- 
    If the Christmas Gift is for a younger friend or family member with food allergies, or perhaps they enjoy playing games with their friends, you can consider an interactive and playable gift as an option.

    This would be a non-food gift and includes board games, sport sets, mini-drones, puzzles, action figures, toys, etc. These gifts can be enjoyed individually immediately, shared with others, and can be a lot of fun!

    9. An 'Experience Together' Gift- 
    Instead of buying material presents, if your friend or family member with food allergies is close to you, you can look at what experiences you both can do together.

    Similar to visiting local 'makers', this is a gift on a more engaging and personal level. Think paint and sip classes, escape room adventures, water experiences (canoeing, kayaking, water rafting, etc.), a pre-paid weekend away, a 'staycation' voucher for them to pick, aerial experiences (skydiving, piloting lesson, hot air ballooning, etc.) and more.

    The list is endless, and you can be as creative and thoughtful as your heart desires!

    Hint: Just in case there are any instances with food as part of the experience, ensure you enquire that the experience is allergy friendly before you make the booking.

    10. A General Gift Card- 
    We've left a General Gift Card to last because even though it is a good idea, we want to make sure you consider all the other options as well.

    If you do decide on a General Gift Card for your friend or family member with food allergies, make sure you get a Gift Card they will enjoy and can use.

    You can get General Gift Card for supermarkets, retail stores, shopping centres and more.

    Hint: Make sure you get them a nice Christmas card to go along with the Gift Card.


    If you're ever unsure about their allergies, always ask them first, ask their partners or check with their parents/guardians (if they're under 18). 

            Christmas Gifts don't need to be expensive, nor do they need to revolve around food or be specifically allergy friendly! Whatever you decide, remember, it's the thought that counts! 

            More often than not, people are thankful just by spending time together and sharing the enjoyment of the festive season.

            We wish you all the best in your Christmas shopping and hope you have a Merry Christmas!


            This insight was contributed by Sharlee Murray and staff writers. We thank their efforts, creativity and care in bringing these insights to helping Australians with allergies live a safer and happier allergy life.  

            The information provided on Allergy Life Australia is to generally educate and inform you about living with allergies, intolerances and conditions, and is not intended as medical instruction or as a substitute for diagnosis, examination and advice by a qualified health care provider.