Guide on How to Use the My Allergy Card

The My Allergy Card is a Visual Allergy Alert to Communicate Your Allergies On The Go!

This guide will give you tips on the two Parts of the My Allergy Card, the four Views you can use to make others allergy aware and some common places where it can be used.

Why use the My Allergy Card?

  • So you can make others aware of your allergies directly from your Smartphone
  • It's a Contactless means of alerting others about your allergies
  • Alert where you need it and when you need it
  • Be safer and reduce risks

TWO PARTS: The My Allergy Card comes in two parts

Part 1- Pass ID (first view)-

This is the Pass that goes into and opens up from your Apple Wallet (iOS) or Google Pay (Android) on your Smartphone.

It has Name of Allergic Individual, Allergies, Allergy Alert, Custom Emergency instruction, Custom QR code linked to a contactless Card (URL ID)

Part 2- URL ID (second view)-

This is a custom view and can have more details on it than your Pass ID. Accessed by scanning the QR code on the Pass ID, this opens up a browser link with allergy information on a digital PDF. You can also screenshot this and use it as an image. 

FOUR VIEWS: The Views you can use to make other allergy aware

 1. Show your Pass ID (first view): Using your Smartphone, open Apple Wallet or Google Pay and bring up your My Allergy Card. This first view is your Pass ID. You can now Show your Pass ID and Tell anyone about your allergies to make them aware.
2. Get them to Scan the QR Code that opens URL ID (second view): On your Smartphone with your Pass ID (first view) open, you can Show and Tell anyone you are making allergy aware that they can use their Smartphone to scan the QR code to open a Contactless card. Once the QR code is scanned, the URL ID (second view) is opened in the browser on their Smartphone. Depending on the allergies, they can use this to take to the kitchen, print it, save it on their phone, email it, etc.

3. Use an Image (Third View) of your URL ID:  If you have multiple allergies due to mobile operating system character limits, your Pass ID (first view) might state- "Scan QR for full allergies list". 

What you can do, in this case, is take a screenshot of your URL ID (second view) and use the image as your My Allergy Card to make others allergy aware.

Where to get your screenshot from?

  • You can open your URL ID (Second View) on another Smartphone and take a screenshot of your URL ID.
  • Screenshot your Pass ID (first view) and then scan the QR code on your device
  • Email and we will send you an image to use.

For tips on how to screenshot, please refer to your Smartphone manual. 

4. Print a physical card (third view)- 

Your URL ID (second view) is in an A4 pdf format. You can open this in your browser and print it to Carry a physical version of your My Allergy Card to Show and Tell others.

This is also handy if your battery runs out or you are in a situation without your Smartphone. You can also print this out and stick this on your medical or emergency bag. Additionally, the A4 PDF has a link you can share via email or text.


The My Allergy Card can be used anywhere it is needed, such as-

  • When Introducing allergies
  • When Ordering food
  • When in Social Situations (such as at a friend's house)
  • When alerting at School, Tafe or Uni
  • When alerting Child Care or School (if you're a parent, guardian or carer)
  • When alerting at Work (first day of the job!)
  • When alerting at Events
  • When alerting at Parties

If you have food allergies, this is handy when eating out or ordering food for the venue staff to be allergy aware and have a copy to take directly to the chef/kitchen.

If you have any allergies, this is handy when introducing your allergies to someone new, especially for them to read about your allergies, such as at a doctor's appointment, at school, at university, etc

Have any further questions? Email us at

Allergy Life Australia does not represent, diagnose or intend to advise on you or on your loved ones allergies. Please ensure you only register this Card to use for the right reasons that include but are not limited to; presenting their/your allergies, using the card for emergency instructions that are valid as per diagnosis by a qualified health care provider. All medical and personal information on the Card is listed from the registration form.