Show and Tell with your free My Allergy Card

Why it is important to Carry, Show & Tell to be Safer?

Carry, Show & Tell is part of Allergy Life Australia's My Safe Program to encourage alerting actions and create safer situations for Australian children and young people with Allergies once they leave home or are by themselves. Carry, Show & Tell is also about enabling those that look after children and young people to be equipped with a modern means of alerting others to their loved ones Allergies.

Carry, Show & Tell is based on the foundations of-

CARRY to be Prepared

A child with an allergy will CARRY their Emergency Medication such as an EpiPen or Anapen.

Along with emergency medication, it's important that they CARRY their Visual Allergy Alert.

What is a Visual Allergy Alert?
A Visual Allergy Alert is a visible aid for a person with allergies to Show & Tell (present) their allergies and emergency instructions to others, to prevent risk and increase safety through Allergy Awareness. This can be through a digital My Allergy Card, physical Allergy Card, Medical Alert Bracelet, Action Plan or Emergency Necklace.

SHOW & TELL so others are Aware

With Emergency Medication in hand, they can (or you can) now use their Visual Allergy Alert to inform others (SHOW & TELL), especially in new situations, about their allergies, so that others are "Allergy Aware".

Why does it matter that others are Allergy Aware?
Allergy Aware means that others can be careful with preparation, cross-contamination, cross-contact and more. Plus, they know what to do if there is a reaction or emergency.

By using a familiar concept- SHOW and TELL, they (and you) are ensuring that others are alerted twice by being able to Read and Hear about their allergies.




If your child is under 18 with an allergy, and you are their parent, guardian or carer, there are 4 simple steps-

○ Step 1- Fill out Registration Form
○ Step 2- Receive their My Allergy Card & Install on Smartphone
○ Step 3- CARRY (Along with Emergency Medication, carry Smartphone with My Allergy Card installed) when going out
○ Step 4- Use the My Allergy Card to SHOW & TELL others to make them Allergy Aware

They can use it anywhere they need, such as-

○ When Introducing allergies
○ When Ordering food
○ When in Social Situations (such as at a friends house)
○ When alerting School (and on School Trips)
○ When alerting Child Care
○ When altering Work
○ When altering  Events
○ When altering Parties
They can use it Anywhere they need to ensure others are Allergy Aware!

Of course, you can! 
Parents/guardians/carers can use the My Allergy Card on behalf of their child. Scroll below for FAQs

What does the My Allergy Card look like?

The My Allergy Card comes in two parts-

Part 1- PASS ID

The Pass ID is a digital pass that goes into your/their Apple Wallet (iOS) or Google Pay (Android). The Pass ID works on both android and apple devices, so you don't have to worry if yo/they change phones in the future!

The Pass ID has the following information-
 Their Name
○ Their Allergies
○ Their Allergy Alert
○ Emergency instruction customised based on them
○ Custom QR code linked to Part 2- URL ID

The PASS ID comes in Purple, Green, Red and Blue (see below)

Part 2- URL ID

Scanned through the QR code on your Pass ID, URL ID opens up a browser with their My Allergy Card information on a digital A4 PDF.

If they have food allergies, this is handy when eating out or ordering food for the venue staff to be allergy aware and have a copy to take directly to the chef/kitchen.

If they have any allergies, this is handy when introducing their allergies to someone new, especially for the person to read about their allergies, such as at a doctors appointment, at school, at childcare, etc.

BONUS- The digital A4 PDF comes with a link that you can share via email, text or even print (just in case your/their battery runs out or you/they are going to be without a phone).

PASS ID colours

As this is digital if they want to update the colour, they can at anytime! Just contact us.


There is no cost for the My Allergy Card. Allergy Life just want your child to be Safer


Are there any requirements?
The only requirements are that-
○ The regsitration form is completed by a parent, guardian or carer, with a child under the age of 18, who has an allergy.
○ The child is based in Australia.
○ You have an Apple or Android Smartphone. It can be installed on multiple devices, their Smartphone and/or yours too.
If you have a different type of smartphone (or don't have access to one), still fill out the registration form, we will provide you with an alternative option.

Can I change the colour if they want another colour?
Of course! The My Card comes in red, purple, green and blue. Contact us and we will get it updated for you.

Does it cost to have a My Allergy Card?
No, it's completed free! The My Allergy Card is a free initiative of Allergy Life Australia. Our mission is all about supporting, enhancing and advocating for a safer and happier life for those living with allergies. Read more about our mission here.

I want to get a My Allergy Card, but I have some questions. Can I talk to someone about it?
Yes, you can. Fill out our contact form and Allergy Life Australia will get in touch to answer your questions.

How long is the My Allergy Card valid for?
As this is a digital ID card, the card is valid for 12 months from install due to security, licensing, access, and hosting. We will request a confirmation every year that the details of the individual are the same and may require a new form filled out.

My child has intolerances/auto immune conditions where a My Allergy Card would be helpful. Can I get a My Allergy Card for them to?
Yes, you can. Please contact us for details on a My Intolerance Card or My Condition Card for your child.

Will there more to Carry, Show & Tell in the future?
The My Allergy Card along with Carry, Show & Tell are a part of the Allergy Life Australia My Safe Program. Through this program, Allergy Life Australia will be introducing further initiatives and concepts to break down communication barriers, encourage freedom, reduce risks and ensure safer and happier lives for those living with allergies. Sign up for our newsletter or Follow us on social media to be the first to hear about it.

I am over 18 and have allergies, can I have a My Allergy Card too?
Yes, you can. Click here to visit the My Allergy Card page and register.

How can I support Allergy Life Australia?
Thank you for wanting to support us. Click here to learn more.

What are the Terms and Conditions of using the My Allergy Card?
Allergy Life Australia does not represent, diagnose or intend to advise on you or on your loved ones allergies. Please ensure you only register this Card to use for the right reasons that include but are not limited to; presenting their/your allergies, using the card for emergency instructions that are valid as per diagnosis by a qualified health care provider. All medical and personal information on the Card is listed from the registration form.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.

The information provided on Allergy Life Australia is to generally educate and inform you about living with allergies, intolerances and conditions, and is not intended as medical instruction or as a substitute for diagnosis, examination and advice by a qualified health care provider.