About Allergy Life Australia

About Us & Our Mission

Life is a journey that has unique highs, lows, opportunities and challenges for all of us. And for anyone that has allergies or shares their life with someone who does, life is filled with particular day-to-day challenges due to these allergies. 

Allergy Life Australia is a national non-profit registered charity. We provide initiatives, information, support and a range of modern solutions to improve the lives and lifestyles of Australians living with allergies.

Our mission at Allergy Life Australia is to support, enhance and advocate for the lives and lifestyles of those living with Allergies in Australia, through the provision, care and access to the knowledge and the information required to live a safer and happier Allergy Life. This also includes anyone that has, or is living with someone that has intolerances and/or autoimmune conditions that share similar symptoms and day-to-day challenges with allergies.

Our Focus

Allergies matter; they can be the difference between a day spent doing everyday activities or a day spent in the back of an ambulance or at a hospital.

Australia has been labelled as the ‘Allergy capital of the world’, where almost 20% of Australians have allergies. Allergies are amongst the fastest growing chronic conditions in Australia, and you either have allergies or know someone who does.

More concerning is that many of us don’t realise we have an allergy until we have an experience that leads to an adverse reaction. And depending on the severity of this adverse reaction, we either get the required help (including adjusting to living with it) or continue to mask it off as “one of those things” until we go through a severe and possibly life-threatening reaction.

These situations that can lead to an allergic reaction, also referred to as allergic-risk situations (ARS), can be prevented and managed with suitable access, education and knowledge. This is why there have been numerous products, organisations, venues, services and health practitioners that have been on the right side of increasing the acceptance (knowledge of risks), education (culturally, locally and globally) and management (recourse and standardisation) of Allergies. All working to improve the lives and lifestyles of those that are living with Allergies.

Allergy Life Australia is making support, exposure and modern innovation a priority by leading the way with initiatives that support the needs of the allergy community and by uniting the actions taken by others to further the prevention and management of allergies.

The great work being completed requires more precise support, distinguished awareness and inclusive public exposure for the community using modern concepts and innovative solutions. Allergy Life Australia brings our expertise, experiences, knowledge, navigation skills and capabilities, to act on this for the community. We are driven to give the community that support, awareness and exposure they need by innovatively contributing to the access, education, knowledge and understanding towards improving the lives and lifestyles of those living with allergies in Australia.

Our Values

Allergy Life Australia will always uphold, present and apply the below values-







Everyone that is part of Allergy Life Australia knows about allergy living all too well, from personal experiences with allergies that include Tree Nuts, Pollen, Shellfish, Mould, Pets, Dust Mites, Drugs and various Skin Allergies.

We also closely share our experiences with others living with Intolerances and Autoimmune Conditions.

All this compiled with our expertise, experiences, values and ambitions, have brought us to create Allergy Life Australia, where the very answers we sought, pondered and searched for in relation to the access, education and knowledge in trying to live our best Allergy Life is all in the one place- a needs and purpose based organisation for anyone living with allergies.

We hope that through our experiences, the knowledge we share, the solutions we create, the support we provide, and the community we connect with, that together we all live a safer and happier Allergy Life.


Allergy Life Australia is currently undertaking a number of on-going initiatives to improve and support the lives and lifestyles of Australians living with allergies, the people who look after them and the people that live with them



Discover the tailored possibilities for your Allergy Life. Discover Allergy Friendly Venues that cater for you to Eat & Drink at, Discover Shared Allergy Support and more.



Join us in supporting, enhancing and advocating for the lives and lifestyles of those living with allergies in Australia.


The information provided on Allergy Life Australia is to generally educate and inform you about living with allergies, intolerances and conditions, and is not intended as medical instruction or as a substitute for diagnosis, examination and advice by a qualified health care provider.