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We're proud of what we do here at Allergy Life Australia for Australians living with allergies. With your Corporate Support, we can continue our work and make a more considerable difference to the Australian Allergy Community.

By supporting our non-profit charity organisation as a Corporate Supporter, your support will help us continue to provide our initiatives at no cost to those that need it, increase exposure in Allergy Advocacy, deliver more programs for the Allergy Community and reach more of those in need.

Supporting Allergy Life Australia as a Corporate Supporter is an excellent way to meet your corporate responsibility and show your staff and customers that you genuinely care about making a positive difference to people living with Allergies in Australia.

Through strategic, long-term, and mutually-beneficial support of Allergy Life Australia, your Organisation will publicly be attributed with supporting a non-profit charity organisation that stands for making a difference for millions in the Community with Allergies, which can be linked back to your Communications, Organisation Goals and Strategic Objectives.

Whether you join our mission as a Corporate Supporter, contribute by making donations, or support us by sharing Allergy Life Australia within your Organisation, every single contribution we receive will make a real and vital difference to the Australian Allergy Community.

Support us to help Australians with Allergies

Support Allergy Life Australia as a Corporate Supporter to help us continue and increase the impact of our Initiatives. Support our complete mission or exclusively support an Allergy Life Australia initiative that fits with your Organisation's values and goals.

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*Allergy Life has DGR status (Deductible Gift Recipient status). Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. A donation receipt will be issued for all donations over this amount.

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With allergies becoming so prevalent in our community, it is vital that we support members of our community impacted by allergies to have the resources, access and knowledge to allow them to live safer and happier lives. This is also important in opening the opportunities and experiences available for them, that they may not know about or may be hesitant to engage with due to social, economical and interpersonal barriers.

You support will go towards reducing risks for at-risk and marginalised youth living with Allergies, raising allergy awareness in the community, increasing knowledge of lifestyle options for those living with allergies, providing access for health support for those living with allergies and much more- every small bit of your support will make a difference.



Our mission at Allergy Life Australia is to support, enhance and advocate for the lives and lifestyles of those living with Allergies in Australia, through the provision, care and access to the knowledge and the information required to live a safer and happier Allergy Life. This also includes anyone that has, or is living with someone that has intolerances and/or autoimmune conditions that share similar symptoms and day-to-day challenges with allergies.