All about being a Pallergy (Pal-lergy)

All about being a Pallergy (Pal-lergy)

All about being a Pallergy (Pal-lergy)

Many of you that are about to read this insight are either Pallergies already, or have a Pallergy. We love that you are supported or are supporting someone with allergies, and we wish you all the best in continuing to do so.


A Pallergy or Pal-lergy is someone that is a pal of a person with an allergy. A Pallergy spends time with that person to support and help them navigate all types of situations (for the affected person) - so they live a safer and happier allergy life.


A Pallergy can be any of the below-

  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Child
  • Sibling
  • Partner
  • Relative
  • Friend
  • Classmate
  • Teacher
  • Work Colleague

Essentially, a Pallergy can be anyone that supports someone that has allergies and assists in making the life of the person with it - safer and happier.


The responsibilities of a Pallergy can vary based on the allergies and the individual. Below are just some of what they do, and if there are any others that you would like to add, let us know in the comments below.

Some of what a Pallergy does-

  • ALLERGY SCOUT- Either as a first or second line of defence, a Pallergy scouts for possible allergens ahead of the person with an allergy. This includes for instance removing the allergen from a location, checking a meal or ingredients, ahead of time.
  • ALLERGY DOUBLE- A person with an allergy may encounter awkward conversations or situations where they may be intimidated, may feel outnumbered (too many people to explain to), or lack confidence to carry on (introducing, defining or describing their allergy)- all by themselves. By having a Pallergy there with them (who steps in or is right beside them), they have someone who has their back, and ensures there are two people who are there to back up the same topic.
  • ALLERGY ASSIST- There may be times where the person with an allergy goes through Allergy Anxiety before they even reach a place (about to go to school) or decide to go somewhere (such as a party or a restaurant). This is where a Pallergy can assist them with a specific task that can provide them with reassurance and give them the confidence to go (so they don't miss out). The allergy assist can be in the form of a specific reassuring task related to where the allergic person is going, such as checking the pollen count if they have pollen allergies, or carrying an extra emergency medication for them (in the case of a reaction). This can also be in combination with other Pallergy Super Skills, assisting a person with an allergy.
  • ALLERGY AID'ER- A Pallergy will have knowledge of the allergies the person has, have a copy of their Allergy Action Plan and know what to do in the case where they have a reaction (for instance what medication to administer). This may also include carrying their medication and treatments, and preparing ahead of time in knowing where their Allergy Contact Triangle (Hospital, GP and Home) is.
  • ALLERGY LIFE'R- The biggest part of sharing life with a person that has an allergy, is that a Pallergy will share many of the same experiences as the person they care for and spend time with. This may include eating the same allergen free meals or having the same hypoallergenic pet. If you are a Pallergy, you are also living the Allergy Life.

A Pallergy can play a large role in the safety and happiness in the life of their friend or loved one that has an allergy.

The information provided on Allergy Life Australia is to generally educate and inform you about living with allergies, intolerances and conditions, and is not intended as medical instruction or as a substitute for diagnosis, examination and advice by a qualified health care provider.