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Nasonex® Allergy is an intranasal corticosteroid nasal spray (INCS) containing the active ingredient mometasone furoate (50 mcg/spray). It has a direct anti-inflammatory action that works inside the nasal passages to reduce swelling and provide effective, 24-hour, non-drowsy relief of nasal congestion, sneezing, an itchy, runny nose and itchy and watery eyes.

Nasonex® Allergy does more than just treat symptoms, it prevents the symptoms and reduces the severity of allergic rhinitis when used regularly and correctly, as it reduces inflammation in the lining of the nose. Bayer distributes Nasonex® Allergy in Australia.

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What Allergies is Nasonex® Allergy Nasal Spray used for and what symptoms does it relieve? 

Nasonex® Allergy Nasal Spray is used for effective treatment and prevention of allergic rhinitis including, hayfever, dust allergies, pet allergies and mould allergies in adults and children 12 years and over. 

Nasonex® Allergy provides relief from hayfever allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, itchy eyes and watery eyes.


Nasonex® Allergy is indicated for the prophylaxis or treatment of allergic rhinitis for up to six months in adults and children 12 years of age and over.

Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray is available in the following pack sizes:

  • 65 metered sprays bottle
  • 140 metered sprays bottle
  • Twin pack (2 x 140 metered sprays bottles)

Guidelines and Safety Information

Directions for using Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray:

  • The pump should be primed prior to first use or if it has not been used for 14 days or longer.
  • Shake well before each use.
  • Adults and children 12 years and over: Initially 2 sprays into each nostril once daily.
  • Once symptoms are controlled, reduce to 1 spray into each nostril once daily.
  • Maximum daily dose: One dose in 24 hours.
  • Use every day for best results. It may take 1-2 days for the full effect to take place.
  • Do not exceed the maximum daily dose.
  • Please read the leaflet enclosed in the carton before use, and for full priming, spraying and cleaning instructions.

Nasonex Allergy How to spray guide on YouTube- Click here to view (external link)


Do not use this product:

  • In children under 12 years of age.
  • Continuously for more than 6 months without the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.
  • If you have severe nose infection.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist if:

  • Your symptoms are not relieved within 7 days.
  • Your nose bleeds.
  • You develop signs of a nasal or sinus infection such as fever, pain or swelling or discoloured nasal discharge.
  • You have eye pain or visual disturbances.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist before use if you:

  • Have a history of tuberculosis.
  • Have infection of the nose or sinus.
  • Have ulceration in the nose or have recently had an injury or surgery to your nose.
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding or are planning to become pregnant or breastfeed.

Contains benzalkonium chloride as preservative.
For Intranasal use only.
Do not use if the seal on carton is broken or missing.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use


Nasonex® Allergy Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Ingredients in Nasonex® Allergy?
- Nasonex® Allergy contains 50 microgram/actuation of mometasone furoate. 
- A list of the active ingredient and excipients in Nasonex® Allergy can be found on the Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Click here to view (external link) 

Do I need a prescription for Nasonex® Allergy?
No, Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray is available for purchase from pharmacies without a prescription. 

What type of steroid is in Nasonex® Allergy?
Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray contains mometasone furoate – an anti-inflammatory that belongs to the corticosteroid group of medicines.

When does Nasonex® Allergy start to work?
The effect of Nasonex® Allergy is not immediate. Full therapeutic benefit may take 1 to 2 days. It is recommend that you see your doctor or pharmacist if symptoms are not relieved within 7 days.

Can Nasonex® Allergy be taken long-term?
Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray can be used on a daily basis for up to 6 months if needed. Do not use for more than 6 months continuously without the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

Can I take Nasonex® Allergy if I have a runny nose but I don't have hay fever or allergies?
Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray is not intended for use as a remedy for colds or any condition other than the relief of hayfever and allergy symptoms due to pollen, dust, pets and mould. 

Who should not use Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray?
Do not use Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray for:
- Children under the age of 12
- Anyone with a hypersensitivity to mometasone furoate or any of the excipients in Nasonex® Allergy.
- Anyone currently experiencing a severe nose infection

If you’re currently taking corticosteroid medicines or are unsure about whether you fall into any of the categories above, consult your GP or pharmacist before using Nasonex® Allergy.

Are there any interactions with Nasonex® Allergy?
It is recommend that you consult your healthcare professional if you are taking any other medications or are concerned with any potential interactions. 

Can you take Nasonex® Allergy before bed?
- Yes, Nasonex® Allergy is a once daily nasal spray. Maximum daily dose is one dose in 24 hours.
- The individual can choose the time of day the medicine is used to suit their needs. 

How should Nasonex® Allergy be stored?
Store Nasonex® Allergy below 25°C. Do not freeze.

What do I do if the Nasonex® Allergy pump becomes blocked?
It is important to wash the nasal applicator tip regularly, otherwise it may not work properly.

If Nasonex® Allergy gets blocked, clean inside of the applicator tip. It is important not to unblock the applicator tip by inserting a pin or other sharp object as this will damage the applicator. 

This can be done via the following steps:

  1. Remove the plastic cap
  2. Pull gently upward on the nasal applicator to remove.
  3. Rinse both ends of the nasal applicator under cold water. Let air dry.
  4. Once dry, put nasal applicator back on pump stem.
  5. Reprime the pump.

Where can I find further information? 
- Bayer Medical Information
- Email:
- Phone: 1800 008 757

Live chat is also available at (External Link)


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Always read the label and follow the directions for use

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