COSME APP: Find your personalised skincare & avoid your allergens

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Find your personalised skincare & avoid your allergens

Contact dermatitis (CD) affects 1 in 5 of the population. Management involves thorough patient education and strict avoidance. However, access to specialist patch-testing and prompt diagnosis can be a challenge. Even upon identification of a causative ingredient, patients are required to navigate ingredient lists composed of chemical jargon and alternative names.

CosMe is a "first of its kind" mobile app that is evidence-based and tailor-made by dermatologists for Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD). It provides an intuitive traffic light system for the allergenicity of ingredients in products, educational patient information and personalised recommendations based on each user's customised allergen profile.

For Users: CosMe aims to bring educational information and guidance to the fingertips of those who are at risk of or suffering from ACD. Users can avoid high-risk ingredients to manage their ACD.

For Clinicians: CosMe will improve clinical efficiency in diagnosing and managing ACD. User data will be invaluable for clinical research and unveil epidemiological allergen trends.

More About CosMe:

  • The app has 8000+ Australian products.
  • Products can be searched by name and filtered by categories (e.g. moisturisers, cosmetics, sunscreen).
  • Products can be filtered by ingredients "to include" or "to avoid".
  • Each ingredient can be expanded to provide educational information regarding its alternative names and cross-reactions.
  • Within the app, users can suggest new products or brands. The more users and suggestions we get, the more powerful and useful CosMe will become.
  • Significant consultation and beta-testing with stakeholders have been undertaken thus far.

Created By: The creation of CosMe was led by dermatologists from Skin Health Institute (external link) with a special interest in contact dermatitis and patch testing. The CosMe team has envisioned that CosMe will dramatically empower patients to find the right product and improve their quality of life from debilitating ACD. CosMe aims to improve clinician efficiency and reduce long wait times for patch-testing. 

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This information was provided to Allergy Life Australia by Dr Frances Lai. This Page was last updated on 27th March 2024.

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