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The MY ALLERGY CARD is your digital and contactless defence to reduce allergic risk situations (ARS). It alleviates allergy anxiety and ensures you're using the most modern means possible to advise and alert those who need to know about your allergies.

Each Card is custom for the user and can be shared across multiple devices, so friends and family can carry a copy too. The My Allergy Card is completely free to support, enhance and advocate for a safer and happier life for those living with allergies.

The ALLERGY CARD comes in two parts- 

Part 1- PASS ID:
The Pass ID is a digital pass that goes into your Apple Wallet (iOS) or Google Pay (Android). The Pass ID works on both Apple and Android devices, so you don't have to worry if you change phones in the future!

  • The Pass ID has the following information-
    • Name of Allergic Individual
    • Allergies*
    • Allergy Alert
    • Emergency instruction customised based on you
    • Custom QR code linked to Part 2- URL ID

Part 2- URL ID:
Scanned through the QR code on your Pass ID, URL ID opens up a browser with your My Allergy Card information on a digital A4 PDF. BONUS- The digital A4 PDF comes with a link that you can share via email, text or even print (just in case your battery runs out or you're going to be without your phone). 

Click REGISTER to get your Free My Allergy Card.
If you're under 18, please click here for the Under 18 registration form.

*Note: Due to mobile operating system character limits for Apple Wallet/ Google Pay, your Pass ID can only include 34 characters. In this case, the following wording will be placed on your Pass ID- "Scan QR for full allergies list". Click here to read the My Allergy Card guide to learn more.

Allergy Life Australia does not represent, diagnose or intend to advise on you or on your loved ones allergies. Please ensure you only register this Card to use for the right reasons that include but are not limited to; presenting their/your allergies, using the card for emergency instructions that are valid as per diagnosis by a qualified health care provider. All medical and personal information on the Card is listed from the registration form.

Community Resources & Products
Allergy Life Australia features resources and products that are for the community. Unless detailed, these are not created or owned by Allergy Life Australia but by the provider. This information is here to support the community in discovering resources and products. Please check with the individual providers on the suitability for you or loved one's health care and personal needs.

The information provided on Allergy Life Australia is to generally educate and inform you about living with allergies, intolerances and conditions, and is not intended as medical instruction or as a substitute for diagnosis, examination and advice by a qualified health care provider.