The Benefits of Online Peer Allergy Support Groups

The Benefits of Online Peer Allergy Support Groups

Allergy Life Australia introduced Online Peer Allergy Support Groups, an Online peer-to-peer Support Group for Australian children, young people, adults and families living with allergies to have open discussions about various topics about their allergy life or the allergy life of someone dear to them.

What are the benefits of joining a Online Peer Allergy Support Group?
Managing and living with allergies can be challenging. It can lead to disassociation, loneliness, stress, anxiety, confusion and blame, to name a few. 

Allergy Life Australia knows what it's like to live with allergies all too well. From food allergies to environmental allergies to drug allergies to skin allergies and more, we understand the challenges, recognise the conversations and support each other and our community in living with allergies.

We know what it can feel like when you are the only one dealing with allergies in day-to-day life. This is particularly when you are adapting your life and lifestyle-

  • From the first time you are diagnosed with an allergy (or your loved one is)
  • Your allergies cause unexpected challenges from 'normal' day-to-day activities
  • You (or your loved one) are subjected to anti-social behaviour
  • You have to deal with the consequences of a severe reaction.

And the above are only some of the many life and lifestyle factors that we all have to deal with when we have allergies.

This is why it is important we support each other.

Joining a Online Peer Allergy Support Group is all about having others who have been in the same situation as you to provide you with genuine vocal and emotional support. This is by listening to each other, addressing the same concerns as each other, and providing valued insights on how we all handle particular everyday situations. 

Because you're not on your own, we are here. Together.

Because when you have an allergy and meet someone else with an allergy, you are instantly connected to a broader community and the support network that is here to make it comfortable and safe to talk about your allergy life.

What topics are discussed during a Online Peer Allergy Support Group?
Topics covered during the support groups include, but are not limited to-

  • Allergy Intros
  • Dealing with certain Risk Situations
  • Allergy Fashion
  • Supporting Allergic Episodes (severe reactions, anxiety, etc.)
  • Understanding Allergy Experiences
  • Travelling with Allergies
  • Personal Contingency Actions
  • Allergy Community Friendships/Relationships building and much more.
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