What is Online Peer Allergy Support?

Online Peer Allergy Support are free online support groups made for Australians living with allergies. These support groups are held in a safe and welcoming online environment and are led by verified volunteer facilitators from Allergy Life Australia.

Inviting people living with allergies, including children, young people, adults, families, and more, Online Peer Allergy Support allows participants to have open and genuine discussions about various topics related to their life with allergies. Online Peer Allergy Support also welcomes people to join and share their experiences living with a person close to them who has allergies.

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What topics are discussed during the support groups?

Topics covered during support groups include, but are not limited to, allergy intros, dealing with certain allergy risk situations, supporting allergic episodes (severe reactions, anxiety, etc.), allergy fashion, understanding allergy experiences, personal contingency actions, allergy community friendship/relationship building and much more.


How many support groups are there? Where are they held?

There are currently 4 x support groups available to join:

- High School Students with Allergies
- Young Australians Aged 18-26 with Allergies
- Families with Allergies
- Adults Aged 26+ with Allergies

These groups invite you to connect with and share your allergy experiences from anywhere in Australia. The support groups are all run on Zoom, where you have the option to keep your identity private.

When do the groups run? How do I join and register?

The support groups go for 45-minutes each and run in the evenings during the week.
The times of the support groups across Australia:
- VIC, TAS & NSW 6:30 pm
- WA 4:30 pm
- QLD 6:30 pm
- SA 6:00 pm
- NT 6:00 pm

To join and register, scroll below and click on the support group you wish to join. You can also email us at to register.


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⚆ Who runs the support groups
The support groups are organised and run by volunteers from Allergy Life Australia. Each group is led by people living with allergies and provides a safe and private community space to discuss and learn about allergies.

⚆ Does it cost to join the support groups?
No, the support groups are free to register and join. They are all about inclusion, acceptance and providing a safe space for people with allergies to talk about their allergies.

⚆ Where will the support groups be held?
The support groups are all run online on Zoom.

⚆ What allergies are included and discussed?
All allergies matter. All allergies can be discussed. The support groups are a fully inclusive allergy space where you can talk about any allergy from food, environment, skin, insect, and more. This includes shared symptoms, experiences and learnings.

⚆ How long does a support group go for?
The support group runs for 45 minutes each. However, based on the discussion during the support, we may extend some time for open discussion at the end of the 45 minutes for attendees that wish to chat for longer.

⚆ Will my identity be private during the support?
We recognise the importance of privacy and safety. It is up to the participant if they wish to show their face or reveal their name during the support group. The only participants that will be publicly identified by default are the hosts and any guest speakers. Your registration information (name and contact information) is private and not shared. They are only for internal purposes and for Allergy Life Australia to communicate with you.

⚆ Does everyone have to talk and share during the support group?
No, there is no obligation to speak in the discussion. You are very welcome to simply join and listen.

⚆ Is this a therapy, counselling or medical support group?
No, these online groups provide a safe and comfortable space to talk about allergies and listen to the thoughts, issues, and problems you and others face. Whilst the groups may be therapeutically beneficial; the purpose is not to provide therapy or counselling support. We try to focus on finding positives in situations and helping one another manage and overcome these problems. However, there is no pressure to change, partake in any opinions or follow any advice. It's all about shared support with your peers. Furthermore, no medical or treatment advice is provided in these groups.

⚆ Can I bring a Pal-lergy (partner, parent, friend, carer, etc)?
Of course, you can bring someone with you. Just make sure they register or you register for them, so we know they're attending.

⚆ Is registration necessary?
Yes, for privacy and safety reasons, we require registering before each support group for attendees. This will also ensure we only allow the registered people into the group to give you a safe and comfortable space to share and receive support.

⚆ If I do share, will everything I say stay confidential?
What gets discussed during the support group is kept confidential unless there is information requested by you to be provided after the support group.

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The information provided on Allergy Life Australia is to generally educate and inform you about living with allergies, intolerances and conditions, and is not intended as medical instruction or as a substitute for diagnosis, examination and advice by a qualified health care provider.