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Allergy Support Groups are free for Australians with allergies. They are all about providing a safe and private community space to discuss allergies.

If you know someone with allergies, please share the Allergy Support Groups with anyone that needs it! Together we can all live a safer and happier allergy life. ♥


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If you have allergies or have a loved one that does, Join an Online Peer Allergy Support Group to have open and genuine discussions about various topics related to your life with allergies.

The Support Groups are Free to join; they are all about connecting with others in a comfortable and safe space to talk about your allergy life.

The following Online support groups currently run monthly:
• Families with Allergies
• Adults with Allergies

Allergy Life Australia @allergylifeaus runs the Allergy Support Groups to provide a safe and private community space to discuss allergies.

Learn More & Register- www.allergylife.com.au/supportgroups

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