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Download the Allergy Support A4 Poster "Your Allergy Does Not Define You".

Created by Allergy Life Australia for the allergy community, allergy support posters are posters with messages to raise awareness, encouragement and support for people living with allergies.

These posters are available to download and print.

More about the poster-

When living with allergies, you are often told what you can’t, shouldn’t or won’t be able to do.

“You shouldn’t travel with your allergy”

“You won’t be able to date with your allergy”

“You can’t have a normal job with your allergy”

There are a lot of opinions from others trying to define your life, based on what and how they think you can live. This is no different when caring for someone with an allergy where others tell you what your loved one can’t, shouldn’t or won’t be able to do.

But they don’t know your allergy life, which is why they are mistaken- Your allergy does not define you (and it does not define a person). You can and should be able to do want you want. It might not be as straightforward (but nor are most things in life for anyone with or without allergies). We can connect to a local and global community of people with allergies sharing their experiences, offering support and friendship. We have modern advances across technology and innovation with products, platforms and services, all allowing you to find new and alternative ways to do things. We have quality health care support and researchers working continuously to find ways to reduce, improve and lessen the impact of allergies.

And that’s just some of it. Define your own path, not based on what others think it is, but based on what you want it to be. Back yourself, be and do anything you want, not because of your allergy, but despite your allergy.

And of course, take your precautions, set up your contingencies, get the right advice and reassure yourself that you can live your best allergy life- safely and happily.

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