Your Allergy Does Not Define You

Your Allergy Does Not Define You

Raising Awareness and Support, Friday 3 May 2024

Your allergy does not define you. Your allergy is just one part of the incredible person you are.

There are a lot of opinions from others trying to define your life based on what and how they think you can live with allergies. This is no different from caring for someone with allergies, where others tell you what or how you should care for them.

But they don’t know you or what you’re capable of- Your allergy does not define you (and it does not define a person).

You can and are capable of doing things. It might not always be as straightforward or simple (but most things in life are not for anyone with or without allergies).

Remember, your value is not determined by having an allergy. You are valuable, loved, and worthy of every opportunity to enjoy your life.

You are amazingstrong and resilient whether you have allergies or care for someone who does.

Together, we can support and advocate for each other to live a safer and happier life with allergies and show the world that our allergies are just one part of the amazing people we are.

Raising Awareness and Support this May and June
May and June are when people and organisations worldwide and in Australia have opportunities to raise more awareness of allergies. 

For the next two months, Allergy Life Australia, a national non-profit organisation supporting people with allergies in Australia, will raise awareness, encouragement, and support for people with allergies and those who care for them.

Please share your support by sharing these messages with someone who needs to hear them.