Thank you to those who Support People with Allergies

Thank you to those who Support People with Allergies

Raising Awareness and Support, Wednesday 8 May 2024

Thank you to those who support people with allergies. Support can play a large role in the safety and happiness of someone with allergies.

Every bit of support we receive can make a big difference when living with allergies. support can be provided by a family member, friend, partner, wait staff, classmate, teacher, work colleague, chef, and anyone who takes action to help us with our allergies. 

 We can receive Support from others for our allergies in many ways, such as:

  • Before eating out, they support us by calling ahead to check if the restaurant or venue can cater to our allergies. 
  • When we introduce our allergies to them, they support us by learning about our allergies and symptoms and asking how they can help us if we have an allergic reaction.
  • When we visit their house, they support us by cleaning the house, putting any allergens away out of reach, and washing their hands. 
  • Before a large function (birthdays, weddings, etc.), they support us by selecting a caterer who can accommodate our allergies.
  • If we can't speak or feel nervous about asking if a meal or situation is safe for us (with our allergies), they support us by speaking up and advocating on our behalf (or with us).
  • When we order a meal advising our allergies, they support us by adapting the meal, using clean utensils and pans, and following safe preparation processes to cook a safe (and tasty) meal for us.
  • When we decline an invitation to a party, restaurant, park, etc, where we don't feel safe because of our allergies, they support us by being understanding and saying "It's Okay".

Thank you to those who support people with allergies. Every action taken to help us is appreciated, and it sets an excellent example for others to follow.

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Raising Awareness and Support this May and June
May and June are when people and organisations worldwide and in Australia have opportunities to raise more awareness of allergies. 

For the next two months, Allergy Life Australia, a national non-profit organisation supporting people with allergies in Australia, will raise awareness, encouragement, and support for people with allergies and those who care for them.

Please share your support by sharing these messages with someone who needs to hear them.