Discover Resources & Products For the Community By the Community (1/5/23)

Discover Resources & Products For the Community By the Community (1/5/23)

News, Monday 1 May 2023

There are many exceptional Resources and Products that have been created through care and devotion by Australians in the allergy community for the benefit of other Australians in the allergy community.

Allergy Life Australia has recently begun featuring these wonderful resources and products on our website in an easy-to-access and discoverable area.

This means anyone in the Australian allergy community can discover these resources and products to learn more about what they are, the creator behind them and where they can access them through an external link.

From Books to Food, these resources and products showcase the dedication and support pouring out from the allergy community.

These resources and products are not created or owned by Allergy Life Australia but by the provider.

This initiative was created by Allergy Life Australia to support the community in discovering resources and products created for them and also to support Australian providers in the community that create resources and products to support others with allergies.

To discover and view all the currently listed community resources and products, visit

Do you have resources or products to share with the Australian allergy community? Email us at to register your details and be featured for the community.