If you have allergies or care for someone who does- Carry, Show & Tell

If you have allergies or care for someone who does- Carry, Show & Tell

Raising Awareness and Support, Friday 10 May 2024

Carry, Show & Tell encourages anyone with allergies to follow three steps to communicate their allergies simply and effectively to reduce risks and be prepared in the case of a reaction.

Step 1- CARRY to be Prepared:

  • Carry your Emergency Medication
  • Carry your Visual Allergy Alert 

What is a Visual Allergy Alert? A Visual Allergy Alert is a visible aid for a person with food allergies to Show & Tell (present) their allergies and emergency instructions to others. This can be through an Allergy Card, Medical Alert Bracelet, Action Plan, Emergency Necklace, etc. 

Steps 2 & 3- SHOW & TELL so others are Aware:

Show & Tell others what Allergies you have and what emergency medication you're carrying (in case of a reaction). Do this by showing them your Visual Allergy Alert plus talking to them about your allergies and reactions.

By using a familiar concept, 'Show & Tell', you are ensuring that others are alerted by being able to Read & Hear about your food allergies and emergency instructions.

Some Examples of When to Carry, Show & Tell with Food Allergies:

  • When introducing allergies to a new person
  • When Ordering Food (for food allergies)
  • At Work (first day of the job, work functions, to co-workers, etc)
  • At Events (when buying items, testing products, catering, etc)
  • Before and at Parties
  • At the Movies
  • On a Date
  • In other Social Situations (such as at a friend's house, party, etc)
  • At School, Tafe or Uni
  • At Child Care or School (if you care for someone with allergies)
  • At a Playdate (if you care for someone with allergies)
  • Carry, Show & Tell anywhere and whenever you need to check if your allergens are present!

Remembering and using this easy and simple to use phrase (Carry, Show & Tell) will aid in reducing allergy risk situations and give you an extra line of reassurance. You can use this for your own allergies, or on behalf of someone you care for who has allergies.

Carry, Show & Tell is a part of Allergy Life Australia's My Safe Program, introducing initiatives and concepts to decrease communication barriers, encourage freedom, reduce risks and ensure safer and happier lives for those living with allergies.

Raising Awareness and Support this May and June
May and June are when people and organisations worldwide and in Australia have opportunities to raise more awareness of allergies. 

During these months, Allergy Life Australia, a national non-profit organisation supporting people with allergies in Australia, will raise awareness, encouragement, and support for people with allergies and those who care for them.

Please share your support by sharing these messages with someone who needs to hear them.