Ask "Do You have any Allergies?" this Easter

Ask "Do You have any Allergies?" this Easter

During the Easter break, we are encouraging Australians who are catering or hosting activities to ask their guests, "Do You have any Allergies?".

The Easter break is filled with activities that include offering treats, sharing food with family and friends and Easter Egg hunting.

This Easter break do not just hand out chocolates or offer someone food or invite someone to an activity without asking, "Do you have any Allergies?"

Why does this matter?

With all that chocolate, food, festivities and celebrations, it can be a challenging time for someone with food allergies to navigate a safe and friendly alternative or avoid risky foods and risky situations altogether.

By asking, "Do you have any Allergies? or even "Do you have any dietary requirements*?" before you hand out any treats or offer any food, this small gesture of care and support this Easter can make a big difference.

*In the case they have intolerances or autoimmune conditions where they need to avoid certain foods

It's okay for them to say "No, Thank You".

If the person you are offering treats or food to this Easter says "No, Thank you", it is okay for them not to eat your treats or food. They are not being rude and do appreciate it; they would just like to enjoy their time with you and do not want to put themselves or their loved ones (who they are caring for) at risk of a reaction.

Share these messages with anyone you know who is catering or hosting activities this Easter.

We wish you a Safe and Happy Easter.